Elitable office furniture

ELITABLE has been designing and manufacturing office furniture and partition walls for over 35 years, developing its products with particular attention to innovation and quality.

The attention to detail, the continuous research and high technological level combined with design and construction flexibility have allowed ELITABLE to create unique and custom-made furniture that pays attention to comfort and functionality, to make the office a place to live as pleasant as your own home and that it helps to promote creativity and productivity.

Thanks to an internal team dedicated to research and development, it is able to offer cutting-edge solutions in terms of workstations, operational and executive desks, meeting tables, mobile glass and non-glass walls, storage cabinets, phone booth, reception and soundproofing panels that purify the air. The furniture is characterized by aesthetic care and refined finishes, where the Made in Italy design is essential and elegant.

The use of the most modern technologies allows to offer contemporary systems ensuring the best technical, ergonomic, acoustic and aesthetic performance. Industrial production systems are designed to offer the most advanced customizations that make each project unique.

Elitable deals with custom furnishings, even turnkey.






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