Sound absorbing dividers - ceiling and wall panels - freestanding

SilentPure is the first system of sound absorbing panels able to ionize the air purifying it from bacteria and viruses.

Very high air purification obtained from the patent EcopurĀ® by Oltremateria with certified environmental ionization, a unique product able to purify the air in any light condition, 24 hours aday.

The panels reduce noise pollution thanks to the high performance from 1500 to 5000 Hz (spoken) and represent the best solution for any type of environment, where the quietness of marriage with needs of concentration and well-being.

The freedom in the composition of the sound absorbing panels for offices and the wide range of colours allow to create a perfect style for every space. The multiple compositions allow for wall, ceiling and freestanding partitions, guaranteeing immediate and easy reconfiguration.

The whole series is Green friendly and made exclusively with recyclable materials, is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, easily washable and completely sanitized with 75% alcohol-based solutions.

SilentPure sound absorbing and purifying panels
Air purification system
Sound absorbers Virus and bacteria purification
Free standing office sound absorbers