Sound insulating booths - Office phone booths

Elitable makes office phone booth customized according to the technical, functional and aesthetic needs of the customer, according to the number of users it is possible to create single or multiple workstations.

The sound insulating cabins are the ideal solution to create areas reserved for phone calls ensuring privacy and silence, improving acoustic comfort. It is possible to use them in different contexts: from the open space office, to common areas, and to all those places where you need a space where you can make phone calls in privacy and without disturbing other people.

They are equipped with presence detectors, recirculation fan for air less than 15dB, timed lights, sockets and optional usb, CO2 detectors, UV/C purifying lamps.

The interior is covered with sound absorbing panels with high sound absorption, the glazed parts are made with acoustic glass, the finishes are customizable.

Each product is designed to fully meet the needs of customers, to realize unique and customized projects.

Office soundproofing cabins
Office phone booth - detail
Opening phone booth