Executive offices - operational offices - meeting tables - cabinets and containers

Our lines include executive offices, operational offices and meeting tables.

Since 1985 we have always been attentive to the evolution of Italian design but above all to the transformation of the world of work. We design modern office furniture, cabinets and containers that can adapt to the needs of our customers. A team of our experts will accompany you in the choice of the realization of the office tailored to your needs.

Choose your working style from the following lines: Eco, Cube, Star and Joy.



Mobile walls glazed walls and blind walls

Our office partition walls can be single or double glazed allowing you to handle laminated and tempered glass. All our partition walls can be adapted to your office furniture. In 2108 we created a phone booth that won the prestigious Good Design Award of Chicago.

We guarantee control of noise, light and privacy even in small spaces.