U-35: minimalist and timeless partition wall

u-35 glazed partition wall

U-35 is a timeless and elegant glass wall that can be used to create private rooms and delineate open-plan spaces with very high acoustic performance.  Thin profiles and glass-to-glass connections create the illusion of large areas of unsupported glass due to their minimal size.


Glass partitions keep the corporate image intact and improve visibility between employees, visitors and different business and management units.

U-35 offers a surprising result thanks to its transparencies and light, which is the main protagonist.

It is an office partition made with a structure, connection joints (2 or 3-way) and corners in aluminium with various finishes: brushed, polished, painted, natural anodised and wood veneer.

It can be complemented with various accessories including thin horizontal slats that allow for modern aesthetic subdivisions.

The glass has a wide range of surface finishes: acid-etched, sandblasted, painted and filmed in solid colours or with photographic images.



office cubicle glass wall u-35
partition wall U-35